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dbl Standard Leather
Durable & Convertible Handmade Leather Bags

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Durable convertible leather bags made in san francisco 


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Change the way you Move through the world 


WHAT EVEN is veg-tan leather?

Our bags are made from veg-tan leather which is processed with tannins from oak trees to remove the water from the animal hide while still keeping the hide moldable and easy to manipulate. This process can take months but results in an extremely durable yet still biodegradable material. Tanning leather is a resource-intensive process which requires high volumes of water, energy, manual labor and skill. Because of the great cost of operation, storage and labor there are very few U.S. tanneries that still produce quality veg-tan leather using a process that has been perfected and mechanized over thousands of years. 

Most leather produced today is not veg-tanned, instead it undergoes a process using chromium salts and only takes a few days from start to finish but results in a highly altered, non-biodegradable leather and various toxic byproducts. Learn more about the materials we use…


Treat your hide right

Leather is a organic material that goes through a tanning process to prevent decomposition but it remains susceptible to the elements and passing of time, as we all do. Your bag will change and show age as you wear it. This is one of the reasons so many of our designs are made with raw, veg-tan leather: we find each pattern of patina unique and visually satisfying! If you’re not so into the look of your life on leather, we have also expanded to making our leather totes in black waxed leather which will show fewer signs of aging and is softer with a less structured feel. 

Just because your bag is going to age, it doesn’t need to wear out. A sturdy bag made out of veg-tan leather can last a lifetime if it is cared for. We recommend conditioning your leather once a month, if it gets soaking wet, starts to look or feel dry or you just feel like it’s been too long.