Petite Tote


Petite Tote


This is our favorite size: packs a full day’s fixings. It is also our best selling bag.

The inside pocket fits a 13” laptop (snugly). There is also a smaller, hidden pocket for safekeeping your phone or wallet.

100% Veg Tan Leather and Brass Hardware with raw edges. Machine and hand sewn. Unlined.


Detachable, adjustable (and replaceable) straps

Interior dividers for notebooks, phone or other small devices

Each bag is a little different from all the rest. The idiosyncrasies that occur in its creation make it one of a kind, like you.

Care Instructions

The leather will darken with age. Don't worry when you spill or stain your bag, it's all part of the journey.

You can find quality US made leather conditioner and protectants from my friends at Chamberlain’s Leather Milk in Fort Worth, Texas. Oh, and they’re safe for people and our planet too. I recommend formulas 1 and 3!

Do not use soaps, alcohol-based cleaners or other caustic chemicals on your leather! Raw veg-tan leather is different than leathers that have been treated, oiled or dyed in the tanning process. I recommend only using products on your leather that you would feel ok using on your skin (again: not alcohol)!

Returns and Repairs

We are happy to offer returns or exchanges on bags that arrive damaged. Keep in mind that all bags are handmade and may have small irregularities, however; if you are completely dissatisfied with your purchase we are happy to discuss an exchange.

Repairs on bags for the first year are free + one-way shipping. Please contact us for repairs beyond the first year.

We absolutely cannot resell used or damaged bags. However, we firmly believe that your bag should be your faithful companion. It has to fit you and your lifestyle and take you anywhere. So if you open the box, wear it around the house and are just not feeling your Double Standard, here’s what you can do:

Send us a message using the comments and love letters section on our contact page. We’ll get back to you and see what we can do!

Good luck out there!

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If we don't have a Petite Tote for you right this second: don't despair! Add your name to the waitlist and we'll get started as soon as we can. Leave your email and we'll reply ASAP with the approximate date you can expect your new bag. Most waitlist orders take no more than four weeks. Feel free to leave a message concerning your order. Love notes are also allowed.

 Be in touch soon, good luck out there! 

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